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Lockdown Life!

Updated: May 4, 2022

These are tough times, certainly for some more than others.

It was super disappointing to have to postpone our workshops in Tauranga and Dunedin this weekend, as well as all the other happenings in our Wellington and Christchurch studios, but such are the times we're living in. I'm so grateful that our students are understanding and flexible, it makes life much easier for us!

I'm also grateful to live in a beautiful place where I can feel close to nature and the whenua. Just listen to these fluffed up korimako having a sexy rap battle outside my front door!

Nature is a huge inspiration to me in my jewellery practice too, I love using motifs of animals and plants, landforms and waterscapes. As our materials come from the earth, so too do my ideas.

I'll be using this time to take a breath, connect with the land and my whānau, and send a billion emails.

Kids, dogs and a hillside.

Ko te tumanako kei te ora koe

Take care and stay safe.