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Jewels for Christmas

Yes indeed! We are celebrating the end of the year with an evening showcasing some of Wellington's finest emerging jewellery makers!

Jewels for Christmas has a long legacy of showcasing great jewellery. We began holding this event over 13 years ago as an annual opportunity to bring makers, the jewellery and the customers together for a short and sweet evening of celebration, shopping and community. These kinds of events are great fun and also really help us fulfil our mission, which is to support and strengthen the jewellery-making community. Providing pathways through education, business mentoring and space to make, develop and sell work is at the heart of Workspace's Tikanga.

This year our Pōneke studio is holding the event again with work from 10 of our regular students. We wanted the exibitors to be able to have work in progress on display, as well as works for sale. And as we have ten workbenches, we have 10 artists exhibiting!

It's been really lovely getting to hear a few of the stories of how these makers came to begin their jewellery making and what it brings to their lives.

Here's a little taste of a few of the artists behind the jewellery on show...

Avery Underwood is an Alaskan now based in Thorndon and has been making for a long time. She found Workspace when looking for a studio space.

" I love that jewelry is art you can wear every day, that you can swap out to create a different little museum or gallery each day to suit how you feel. You can create something that someone can also wear every day, that reminds you of them and brings them joy. Jewelry to me is a small engineering project and involves calculations and planning but also has endless boundaries of what you can create with different methods."