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Ring Wax Online Course

Lessons in this Course: 

  • Introduction

  • Lost Wax

  • Tools

  • Inspiration

  • The Ring Outline

    • Sizing the Ring

    • Shaping the Ring

  • Refining Your Ring Shape

  • Repairing Cracks

  • Finishing

  • The Casting Process

  • Cleaning and Working in Metal

    • Using a Jewellers Saw

    • Filing, Sanding, And Polishing

  • Troubleshooting

  • Where to Next? 

About This Class

The perfect place to start your jewellery making journey! 

Our ring wax course uses hard jeweller's wax to create rings that are more geometric or detailed than working in soft wax.


After this class you will be able to plan, shape, refine, cast, clean-up, and finish your own jewellery! 

Our easy to follow guides will step you through every stage of the process with clear, high resolution images and videos. 

Course and tool bundles are available that include waxes, tools and a casting in bronze, white bronze, brass or copper as well as courier for your castings. We take care of everything - no hidden costs. 

Extra items and casting in silver is also available, we can quote you before we cast them so there are no surprises.

From start to finish we'll teach you the skills you need to create your own amazing jewellery! You'll learn all the key skills including: 


  • How to set up a workspace and gather the items you might need

  • Working with wax and tools

  • Understanding the Lost Wax process

  • Ring sizing and shaping 

  • How to make different shapes and items​

  • How to prevent cracking and breakage

  • How to repair joins and fix problems

  • The casting process

  • Cleaning up your metal right through to polishing your finished pieces! 


Choose this class if:

  • You like making detailed, geometric shapes

  • You want to make a special ring for yourself or someone else

  • Are a beginner, looking to start a new and engaging hobby making jewellery

  • Are a more experienced jeweller looking for a refresher or a new skill working in wax

Meet your Teacher:


Hi I'm Vaune! I'll be on video, teaching you all of the wonderful ways you can work with soft wax throughout the course. 

I absolutely love sharing my enthusiasm for making with my students. Professionally, I have been working as a jeweller and a tutor since 2005.

I now live and work from my home-based studio in Āpiti, in the beautiful Manawatu. 

I work on my own jewellery,  The Wild Jewellery which is a brand I created with Annie Collins (who you'll meet in the welcome video). I am also a creative Director for Mason & Collins, our jewellery gallery. 

When I am not at work, I enjoy gardening, spinning,  chilling with my four small dogs, and caring for a small farmlet.

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