Couples Wedding Rings
We love making wedding rings for people, but perhaps you would like to make your own?
We offer private tuition for couples to come in and create something magical for themselves or each other with the help of an experienced jeweller. This can be done in two ways:


Lost wax casting: 

Carving your rings in jewellers wax and getting them cast in the metal of your choice, then finishing off the metal rings. This is best structured in two sessions - two hours to create the wax ring (minimum) then we send the waxes off for casting. The casting process takes around 1 week then we can have another workshop session to clean up the castings which could take 2 or more hours, depending on the complexity of your rings. Usually around 2 hours is enough for a simple band.


The other way to create your rings is using gold sheet or bar, cut to size, soldered with gold solder, then formed and finished.
This process is more suited to those who either - have had some soldering experience or those who are happy for your jeweller to do the soldering for you to avoid issues with melting the gold.

The fabrication process needs an initial consultation to determine your ring size, the type of metal and the type of sheet or bar.

Once we have the metal made up for you the forming and soldering of the rings might take up to 3 hours, with a further 2 hours to finish and clean up the rings.

You can choose any metal except platinum for the couples ring making sessions - as platinum is just too tricky for any except very experienced jewellers to work with.

Costings are $90/hr plus any material costs. The initial consultation is not charged.
We require a 50% deposit for any sessions to be confirmed. We are also happy to take snapshots of your work as you go for you to keep.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 


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