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Self Isolating Therapy

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Being in the workshop is great for the creative soul, some say it's just the therapy they need. So what can you do if you can't make it to the workshop and don't have one set up at home? Lucky we are all about solutions here at Workspace. We have a great range of tools and materials you can buy online as well as our distance lost wax kits.

What is a lost wax kit I hear you ask? Well it's a kit that comes with jewellers wax, tools and instructions. The art of lost wax casting is very satisfying and I don't just mean the end

results. Carving the wax to produce a piece is very relaxing, doesn't require much energy or you can put it down and come back to it later, and you can do it anywhere.

You can make rings, pendants, charms, decorative chain links, almost anything you can imagine.

Once you have finished carving and cleaning up your wax, we send it off to the casters and send back your piece to give the finishing file and sand.

The wax above was carved by one of our students, and below you can see the piece cast into white bronze and ready to send off to the student for finishing!

If we're lucky we might get to see the finished, polished piece some time in the future!

Have fun creating!


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