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What really happens at the bench?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

When you rent a space from us as a permanent bench renter it doesn't have to be just to make jewellery.

Amanda has been renting at our Christchurch Studio since we opened in October 2018. She is predominantly set up for jewellery making however those skills have branched off into creating art.

Amanda is currently collaborating with a local ceramic artist Tatyanna Meharry on work that combines metal, ceramic and paper for the Sculpture Festival at the Art Center in Christchurch in November.

She enjoys the challenge of making small scale sculptural objects using her jewellers skills but on a larger scale. Part of the enjoyment comes from the problem solving of this process. Collaborating with other artists pushes her out of her comfort zone and makes her try things she wouldn't ordinarily try, in order to make both artists ideas come together and work.

At Workspace, Amanda finds it inspiring working along side other creatives as there are such a variety of activities on the go, she also finds it a relaxing environment.

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