Casting Classes

Casting is an amazing and ancient way to create jewellery!

An excellent technique for absolute beginners to achieve fun results; more advanced students can develop and refine their skills to reach amazing levels of detail and complex designs.

We are hosting Kirra-Lea from Australia for some special Sand Casting with Gemstones workshops! You can book into these classes through her website at and scroll down to Wellington at the bottom of the page.

Lost Wax Casting Workshop

Wed Evenings for 6 weeks, 6 - 9pm, $295 Plus materials

Level one: learn the techniques of working with wax to create beautiful textures in metal that can be used in multiple ways. A fantastic course that's full of fun and inspiration! Students learn carving in hard wax, texture forming in soft wax, setting uncut Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies in wax and how to clean up and finish your metal pieces. Course costs include basic materials for the process, but does not include the extra metal costs for other pieces you choose to cast. As this is subject to each students' choice of size and type of metal, we leave this up to you to decide. Most casts such as rings or earrings cost between $5 and $50 per piece depending on the size, and whether you cast in Silver or Bronze/brass/copper. Casting in Bronze, Brass or Copper will be much cheaper than Silver.

Level two: If you have some wax experience already, join our class to expand your range of designs and skills with the wax you prefer using. Explore more ways of setting stones into your designs and either: Cast them IN the metal (exciting and organic) or, more advanced students can learn to set them after casting in one of our fabrication classes.


Note: Course fees include waxes and courier costs for sending our castings away.

Metal, casting costs and stones are extra.

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Next Classes:

Sorry our next classes are full. We will be scheduling more asap!

Sand Casting Saturday Workshop

A fabulous introduction to the exciting art of low tech metal casting a single Saturday.

Students are shown how to carve jewellers wax into rings, the make moulds in sand to pour molten silver into to create wearable jewellery!

Beginners and more advanced students welcome.

Next class: TBC

Please note: Course fee excludes silver costs as these can vary widely,

students can expect to use $30 - $70 worth of silver depending on size or number of project pieces.