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Terms and Conditions for Bench Rental at Workspace Studios


We love providing space for creatives to work independently, but we take Health and Safety very seriously.

We have to be sure renters are working within their capabilities, for their own safety as well as those around them, and the safety of our equipment!

 Bookings for bench hires must be made through the website by clicking on the relevant hire session here.

All extra material costs must be paid on the day of hire, via cash or eftpos.

All Bench renters must agree that:


      1. They will follow all health and safety requirements set out by Workspace and their technician.

      2. They will leave the studio clean and tidy, including putting all tools in their correct place and  sweeping down their bench.

      3. They will book the appropriate hire for their skill level - Independent, Assisted or One onOne Tuition. If our studio techs do not feel the renter has the skill for an Independent or Assisted Hire Workspace reserves the right to cancel their hire and refund them the fee.

     4. They will not use any equipment they have not been shown how to use.

     5. They will not use any equipment alone that they have not been cleared to use safely by a  Workspace technician.

     6. They will not melt metal or fire enamels in an Independent Hire - this must be an Assisted Hire. 

     7. They will not use any toxic materials in the studio including resin, bone and shell.

     8 They will pay the rental charge before they come in by booking online, or on the day via cash or eftpos. They will pay for any materials used on the day of hire.

     9. They will inform Workspace technicians/staff immediately of any breakage, damage or health and safety issues.(*you must ensure that Workspace is notified, not just another bench renter)

    10. They will pay for any damage they cause, intentionally or unintentionally.

    11. They will not let anyone else into the studio, whether they are friends or strangers.

    12. They will correctly fill in the Bench Renters Book with name, date and times. 

    13. They will not use our workshop under the impairment of drugs or alcohol. 


 By making a booking with us you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

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