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Fold forming with Natalie

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Maybe I shouldn’t say this out loud but I love the lockdown… I live on my

own with my seven-year-old (dog) and currently have no commitments other

than going for a couple of decent walks with him every day. So, I am

enjoying the pure luxury of spending many hours each day in my home

studio. I got a pile of multi-couloured rings and earrings finished

(admittedly started before the lockdown) and currently, I am allowing

myself some playtime and testing out different ideas around the Moebius


This fits in well with one of my absolute favourite areas of

jewellery making, a technique called fold-forming. You repeatedly anneal,

fold, unfold and shape your metal until you are happy with the outcome. I

love this connectedness with the material and that I can go in with an

idea and then it keeps changing and changing during the process. While I

am just trying out different shapes I like to work in bronze. However, my

metal of choice is silver (and Platinum, one day…).



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