Casting Classes

Casting is an amazing and ancient way to create jewellery!

An excellent technique for absolute beginners to achieve fun results; more advanced students can develop and refine their skills to reach amazing levels of detail and complex designs.

Low tech casting is taught as a weekend workshop where students can learn casting techniques that happen right in the studio.

Lampwork Beads

Lampwork bead making is a process of applying molten glass in layers to create colourful beads that can be used in a myriad of ways! We teach this in a 3 hour taster workshop and a 4 week block.

Sand Casting Workshop

Join us for this wonderful intro to sand casting spaced over two Sundays. 

Students are shown the ancient technique of  sand casting, using a wax to make a simple hard model or found objects such as buttons or simple small forms - create your simple 2-part mould and melt and pour sterling silver, copper or shibuichi (a mix of silver and copper) to cast into the sand. 
The model you have made or found enables you to make multiple pours possible, until you either get the result you are after or to create multiple pieces. This is a fun process for those who just want to try their hand at it, or a very useful low-tech process for those who are making jewellery into a career or creative activity.

Course cost excludes metal, students can expect to use $60 - $80 worth of silver or $20 - $30 of copper. 
Experiment on your first day learning the techniques, then take home some jeweller's wax to carve at home during the week. When you come back the next Sunday you will be able to focus on creating a beautiful finished piece to take home.

Simple projects like cast rings, pendants, cufflinks or earrings are very achievable.


Next class: 11 & 18 July, cost $245

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Lampwork Beads

Join us for these fabulous intros to glass bead making!
This class is a great way for absolute beginners and those with some experience to get into working with glass to produce beautiful beads.
Taster Workshop

25 July, 10am - 1pm, $85

4 Week Block

5 August, 5 - 7pm, $235 

This class involves gas torches and molten glass, people under 16 must be accompanied by an enrolled parent or caregiver.

We are only taking 5 students per class so book now by clicking on the box below.