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Private Classes - 3 Hour Workshops
Choose from different types of rings, earrings or disc pendants for your taster class!


Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings

Make your own ring stack from silver, copper and brass. Rings can be textured or plain, or a combination of both.

silver earrings.jpg

Silver Earrings

Design and create your own stud or drop earrings in silver, copper and brass.

Textured Rings.JPG

Textured Rings

Measure, cut and texture your metal how you like it. Students can use letter and number stamps, punches, hammers and roll printing to get their desired effect.

disc pendants.jpg

Disc Pendants

Disc pendants are a beautiful way to personalise your jewellery. Cut out circles can be stamped with words or dates, ot textured how you like.

twisted ring holder images.jpg

Twisted Rings

Twisted rings have beautiful shapes and can be worn on a chain if you prefer. This is an ancient technique that can be used in a multitude of ways.

Lampwork glass

Lampwork Glass

This class is currently only available in Christchurch.

These classes are a great way for absolute beginners to get into working with glass to produce beautiful beads to incorporate into jewellery or gorgeous art projects. 

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