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Let's Talk Lost Wax...

Have you been wondering what this process is all about? What does "Lost Wax" mean, and how can I make jewellery out of it? Let us explain!

Lost Wax casting is an ancient technique where a wax model is suspended in a flask and encased in plaster. When the flask is placed in a kiln the wax melts and runs out, and you are left with a cavity to pour molten metal into. Hence the wax model is "lost" and a metal version created. In our 4 and 6 week block classes students get to explore working in many different kinds of specialised jewellers' wax. The (in progress) snakes below are carved from a hard wax, and the delicate flowers and printed ring are sculpted from soft wax. Student's waxes are sent away to be professionally cast, and the resulting metal pieces are sent back to them to be cleaned up into wearable pieces of jewellery. Metal pieces can be cut, soldered and drilled just like metal plate or wire. Casting is the best way to create larger pieces, chunky rings, sculptural items and deep textures.

Lost Wax Online
Because you don't need a huge set up to start making wax models at home, it is an ideal technique to learn online. Our courses are packed with video, images and clear instructions to walk you though the process. Learn at your own pace in your own place!

We have a great selection of waxes and tools in our webstore to help you get stared at home. Here is just a small selection of the wax working products we have available:

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