One on One tuition

Ideal for those who're really wanting to up their game,  prefer to have a tutor's undivided attention or work irregular hours so our usual class schedule is unsuitable.

Private tuition costs $55 per hour and we are happy to fit in with your schedule where we can.

The fee includes tuition and consumables but not materials.

Please email us to inquire with details on your project ideas, your city and days and times you are looking for.


If you're keen to make your own Wedding Rings please click here. 

Independent Jewellery Bench Hire

Need a space to finish a project? Or maybe start one? 

Our benches are available in Wellington and Christchurch outside of class times Wed - Fri 10am - 4pm, Sat 10am - 2pm.

Renters must have completed an 8 week beginners class (or similar) and be confident with the tools and techniques they are using. They must also feel confident working alone as there is no tutoring with independent bench hire. 

The cost is $35 per session, whether you are in for half an hour or the whole day the charge is the same.

This includes the use of all workshop tools, soldering station, solder, sawblades and chemicals. It does not include findings or metals (you can buy these from us or bring your own), nor does it include technical help. If you think you will need some help please book an Assisted Bench Hire.

Bookings are required, please book using the boxes below.

If you're planning regular sessions, check out out our regular hires below.

Assisted Bench Hire

If you are not an experienced student, or if you require assistance or supervision (for example for melting down your clean silver or gold scrap) you will need to book an Assisted Hire - $45 for the 3 hour session. Please remember that while your session is able to last longer than 3 hours, you need to negotiate with your technician when you will require help, as your tech is only available over a 3 hour period.

For those who are moving towards being able to work independently, or if you have just a little tricky bit you need help with Assisted bench hire is the best of both worlds. Mostly unsupervised, but with the ability to ask the occasional question or have help with things like firing enamels, stone setting or soldering.


If you need more one on one help, we ask you book a private tuition session.

Bookings are required, please book using the boxes below.

Permanent Bench Hire

We are currently seeking creatives to rent benches in our Christchurch workshop. 

Our jewellery renters have their own bench set up in the studio all the time and are given a key so they can access the space whenever they need to. We ask renters to bring in their own bench and ideally their own small hand tools such as pliers, files and a saw - although we do have these tools for them to use if necessary. 

Renters can take a space for a fixed term or on an ongoing basis. The rent is $60 per week including GST.

The studio is set up with hand tools, carving tools, soldering station with ventilation, rolling mill, various chemicals and tea and coffee making

We are also welcoming bench renters who aren't necessarily jewellers, but anyone crafty who needs a small workspace can apply.

Please email us with any questions, or if you would like to meet Annie and see the space.

Gallery Space

We are looking for someone awesome to rent our gallery/workshop space in central Christchurch. It is approx 32m squared, $345 per week (including OPEX, power, wifi, shared space cleaning) and is available from 17 May. This beautiful space at the front of our building has lovely natural light as well as gallery rail lighting, amazing place to work or sell from. It is part of a shared workshop and can have metal grates across the entrance for security. This gorgeous space is available for short or long term lease, so could be used for a one off exhibition, pop up shop or similar. If you're keen or want to know more please email us!

Regular Bench Hires

We understand setting up is expensive, so why not use our shared tools and resources? The more you use the space, the better the price.

Get a 5 session Bench Hire card - with a 20% discount.

(5 sessions for $140) Sessions on this card must be used within 12 months.


 Bulk Bench Hire card - 7 days of access for $65.

Sessions must be used consecutively. Renters are asked to take their tools etc with them & must work around classes.

Cards may be purchased at our studio. Bookings essential for each session.

Bulk Bench Hire Card

Bulk Bench Hire Card

Terms and Conditions for Bench Rental at Workspace Studios


Bookings must be made through the website by clicking on the relevant hire session above.

All fees and material costs must be paid on the day of hire, via cash or eftpos.


Bank Account:

Workspace Studios Ltd

38 9007 0848101 00

All Bench renters must agree that:


      1. They will follow all health and safety requirements set out by Workspace and their technician.

      2. They will leave the studio clean and tidy, including putting all tools in their correct place and  sweeping down their bench.

      3. If they are the last to leave they will turn off the gas, fan, lights and radio. They will ensure studio is locked      and secure with all windows closed.

     4. They will not use any equipment they have not been shown how to use.

     5. They will not use any equipment alone that they have not been cleared to use safely by a Workspace      technician.

     6. They will not melt metal or fire enamels if they are alone in the studio. 

     7. They will not use any toxic materials in the studio including resin, bone and shell.

     8 They will pay the rental charge before they come in or on the day via cash or eftpos.

     9. They will inform Workspace technicians / owners immediately of any breakage, damage or health and    safety issues.(*you must ensure that Workspace is notified, not just another bench renter)

    10. They will pay for any damage they cause, intentionally or unintentionally.

    11. They will not let anyone else into the studio, whether they are friends or strangers.

    12. They will correctly fill in the Bench Renters Book with name, date and times. 

13. They will not use our workshop under the impairment of drugs or alcohol. 


 By making a booking with us you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.