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Independant Bench Rental at Workspace Studios
Description & Guide


Independant Bench Hire in our Pōneke | Wellington studio is available to makers and students who are familiar with the studio, and who are assessed as competant and safe to work independantly. 

Please read all this information to ensure you understand the terms of the Bench Hire.

You should also read and check you agree to the terms and conditions of hire.  


  • Our benches are available in Wellington outside of class times Thursdays to Saturdays 10am - 4pm.


  • If you have not used this studio before, but have received training and experience elsewhere,

then please book your first session as an Assisted Hire. 


  • Independant Renters must have completed an 8 week beginners class (or similar) and be

confident with the tools and techniques they are using for their chosen project/s. 

  • They must also feel confident working alone as there is no tutoring with independent bench hire.

  • There is a studio manager on hand, who is there for health and safety monitoring,

check-in and purchases and if you are unable to locate a tool in it's usual place. 


  • The cost is $45 per session, whether you are in for half an hour or the whole day the charge is the same.


  • The hire includes the use of basic workshop tools* such as hammers, punches,

saws, files, forming tools, tumbler and basic hand tools. It also includes use of the

soldering station, solder, sawblades and chemicals.


  • It does not include findings or metals (you can buy these from us or bring your own),

nor does it include technical help. 


Some activities are not covered by an independant hire: these include:

  •  Any melting (casts, metal pours, and anything larger than a small bead)

  • Use of the kiln

  • Use of studio specialised tools like setting burrs (but you can bring and use your own). 


These activities require an Assisted Hire, for health and safety purposes and

to cover the extra cost of special equipment. 


If you have never worked in our studio before or think you will need some help please book an Assisted Bench Hire. 


Please note, this hire does not allow bench renters to use tools they are not trained to use, and have not been assessed on - in particular, power tools, specialty tools and equipment. 


For more information on Bench Hires and what they include, please check out our Bench Hire FAQs.

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