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Assisted Bench Rental at Workspace Studios
Description & Guide


If you are not an experienced maker, or if you require some assistance or supervision

with an activity, you will need to book an Assisted Hire. 

Please read all this information to ensure you understand the terms of the Bench Hire.

You should also read and check you agree to the terms and conditions of hire.  


  • Assisted Hires are available in Wellington outside of class times Fridays  and Saturdays 10am - 1pm.  


  • The cost is $55 for the 3 hour session. Where suitable,

you may stay on as an independant bench renter until 4pm at no additional charge.

  • Some activities will require extra equipment and consumables (such as sand casting)

and may incur additional fees. 

  • Workspace Studios retains the right to cancel a bench hire or require  it is upgraded

to a one-on-one session at any time -  where necessary for health and safety purposes.

  • Assisted Hires are essential for all first-time bench hires, as well as for any

melts, kiln use or use of specialised setting equipment. 

  • Assisted Hires are also a great way to build your confidence in the studio - especially

around soldering, or finishing off settings.


  • Your technician can support you for around 15 minutes (this can be broken up over

a 3 hr period) for things like checking your torch settings, advising on setting processes

and "being your second set of hands" doing soldering and melts. 


  • The hire includes the use of basic workshop tools* such as hammers, punches,

saws, files, forming tools, tumbler and basic hand tools. It also includes use of the

soldering station, solder, sawblades and chemicals.


  • It does not include findings or metals (you can buy these from us or bring your own).


Some things are not covered by an Assisted hire. These include:

  •  Doing anything for the first time - this is not a place to learn new skills but

 to practice and get the hang of those you're already learning.

  • In particular, doing melts or using the oxy-lpg torch for the first time is not suitable for an assisted hire. 

  • Using the oxy-lpg torch and melting / casting require a one-on-one tuition sessionof aproximately 1 - 1.5 hrs to assess your comprehension of health and safety protocols and use of the equipment.

This includes if you have done a casting class, as those sessions only cover the use of the tools already set up.

  • Even if you have used this equipment extensively in studios elsewhere, you may still require a one-on-one session to check and familiarise yourself with our studio protocols.


  • After you have done a one-on-one session, and are competant to do most of the prep and processing

of the metal, then an assisted is perfect. You will have the ability to have your studio tech

on-hand when setting up and lighting the torch, and doing the melt and pour. 

For more information on Bench Hires and what they include, please check out our Bench Hire FAQs.

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