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8 Week Fabrication Classes, Level 2 and Beyond

These classes are ideal for those who want a solid foundation in jewellery making. Because of the ongoing nature of these classes it is easy for students to really settle in to the workshop, create a good relationship with their tutor and classmates and take their time with each process.

Course Outline: Level 2 students start to look at chain making - the very best way to advance your soldering skills. Their final project for this class is a pendant on a handmade chain with a stone setting. We are not strict about this final project however, if students would prefer to set their own project that’s fine! Our advanced students begin by exploring the process of chain making with 1mm copper wire. They learn step by step how to create even jump rings and how to join them without melting previous joins. This process takes patience and planning. A light touch is required at the soldering station to avoid melting jump rings, especially in silver, and students find a huge leap in their soldering skills by the end of the first chain. This deeper understanding of soldering and the crucial “heat transfer” is vital in advancing students’ foundational jewellery skills. Once they can complete a delicate solder job they can solder almost anything. Once the first chain is completed students can move to working in silver and produce another chain in silver (or mixed metal) with more interesting design elements. This can be a bracelet with charms or a necklace with a pendant. Students are encouraged to carefully plan this piece and think about each step before they begin, including creating drawings and notes. (We always say drawings don’t need to be “good”, they just need to make sense to the student and their tutor!). More advanced students are able to work on projects suited to their interests and skills. They can bring projects and ideas to class or talk to their tutor about being set one. Our tutors will encourage advanced students to look for the gaps in their knowledge, try new and challenging skills, and work on developing their design process. Included in the class fee are copper and brass for practising on, up to 8 grams of sterling silver and all consumables such as sandpaper, solder and chemicals. Extra metals and materials are available for purchase in the studio. Please see our Tikanga page for details about our values around student experience and respecting materials.

Here are some works produced by our Advanced students:

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