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Beginner's 4 Week Fabrication Classes
These classes are ideal for those who want a solid foundation in jewellery making. Because of the ongoing nature of these classes it is easy for students to really settle in to the workshop, create a good relationship with their tutor and classmates and take their time with each process.

Course Outline: The 4 week beginner course curriculum is a number of practice rings, finishing with a final silver ring that includes some special design from the student. We have chosen this particular project for the beginners as the process of making rings teaches students many fundamental techniques in one project, measuring, texturing, shaping, cutting, soldering and finishing are all included in this one ring. The students start with basic ring making in copper or brass. Students will learn how to measure their fingers to get an accurately sized ring, later they will also learn how to take sizing from existing rings. They are shown how to use a jeweller’s saw to cut their metal to the correct length, how to form it up and how to solder. Then they learn how to shape their rings and finish them up into a wearable piece of jewellery, all in the first class! Subsequent classes are devoted to learning how to create interesting textures in their metal using hammers, punches and the rolling mill. Students will make several practice rings so they get a good feel for the tools and the process. They then move on to working in silver and produce a final ring with more interesting design elements, such as mixing metals, layering metals, soldering on elements such as balls or cut outs, and beautiful textures. Students are encouraged to carefully plan this ring and think about each step before they begin, including creating drawings and notes. (We always say drawings don’t need to be “good”, they just need to make sense to the student and their tutor!). Included in the class fee are copper and brass for practising on, up to 8 grams of sterling silver and all consumables such as sandpaper, solder and chemicals. Extra metals and materials are available for purchase in the studio if students want to make more than one ring, or an exceptionally large ring. Please see our Tikanga page for details about our values around student experience and respecting materials.

Here are some works produced by our 4 Week Beginner Classes:

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