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Silver Textured Rings

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About this course...

This is a beginner's course in jewellery making. Learn to make simple textured ring bands in silver, copper or brass and learn how to measure, cut, texture, form and solder a ring band using jewellery tools as well as some basic items from around the home. Learn how to finish the ring band to be comfortable and practical to wear, as well as showing off your beautiful work. Discover how to patina or colour your metal if you wish to make the texture really pop! Along the way you will discover you've also honed your problem solving skills and learned practical geometry and even some chemistry! Explore different ideas in the course and try repurposing old tools to create amazing textures on your jewellery. A great first class for someone who's keen to get into jewellery making at home. We cover health and safety essentials, the tools you will need or might like to have, and why you should choose one tool over another. The skills you'll learn in this course are the basics behind most other jewellery making techniques so this would be the best place to begin if you want to get into other aspects of jewellery making. Make beautiful and funky jewellery for yourself - or for others!

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