Enamelling Classes - Wellington
We offer torch-fired and kiln-fired enamel classes on copper and silver. 

Jewellery enamels are in fact special glass grains, which can be fused to the surface of your metal to create amazingly colourful, glowing jewels. 

Because the enamel is glass, the pieces are fragile and precious.

Enamels are perfect for earrings and pendants, and can also be bezel-set as you would a gemstone. 

You can use opaque (very bright solid colours) or transparent enamels. Transparent colours may be fired on a layer of fine silver or 22ct gold foil over copper to get a magical result without the cost of using large amounts of precious metals.


Explore simple stencil ideas with dry-application, or try sgraffito, cloisonne and more delicate

wet-packing techniques as you develop your skills and ideas.

Create simple stand-alone enamelled pieces - for example, enamelled drop earrings; or choose to make enamelled elements you can include in fabrication classes and set in rings, brooches and more.

Enameled slip bracelet
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Applying Enamel
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Firing enamels onto metal
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Enamel Set Ring
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Colourful transparent enamels on copper
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Transparent enamel necklace
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 Enamelling 4 Week Block Class

Ideal for those who have already taken our Taster classes in either enamelling or fabrication.

This 4 week block class takes you through the process of creating simple enamelled pieces to be turned into beautiful, wearable jewellery.

It is a wonderful way  to learn torch firing glass enamel on copper and silver. Beginners are welcome, although basic soldering skills are a definite advantage.

Learn the correct techniques with torch fired enamels to create pieces bursting with colour.  

We'll try opaque enamels, and learn basic sgraffito and cloisonne techniques. Using copper, silver and opaque enamels you can create pieces to turn into pendants or earrings.

Class runs 10am - 12.30pm for 4 weeks, fee includes some metals and enamels, extra materials are available to purchase.

Next class starts 1 May, 10am - 12.30pm, $245