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Distance Classes

Learning from home can be so fun and rewarding, but also comes with it's own challenges!

We are working towards a number of online classes, but in the meantime we have a Lost Wax Distance class available. For this class we send you a pack of materials and tools and you return your finished wax models to us to be cast. When they are cast in metal we send them back to you to be finished into a wearable piece of jewellery!

We are also offering one on one mentoring sessions to help you with any area of your creative practice, from how to set up your home studio all the way through to small business guidance.


Lost Wax - Distance Class

We'll send you 4 different waxes, carving and clean up tools, detailed instructions and a courier bag to return your finished piece in. You send it back to us and we return it to you in your choice of bronze or white bronze for you to sand and finish up ready to wear.

 The total cost is $95, and if you want to cast more than one piece or cast in sterling silver you can add a little extra money. Easy right?!?

Click "Book Now" in the box above, it will take you to a scheduling page and you can pick anytime (the time doesn't matter, it just so you can book) - we'll send you your kit.


Make sure you sign up to the members area to be able to access the course notes, tips and tricks for your class.

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