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Bench Hire - FAQ


Our three studios provide a functioning, safe and creative environment for makers  at a range of stages in their practise. 

Casual Bench Hires provide short-term space for people to finish projects, or you may enjoy scheduling a regular spot to get your creative mahi going.

Please familiarise yourself with our policies and systems around Bench Rental in our studios so that we can keep offering this invaluable resource with safety, warmth and care in mind. 

Am I ready to book an independant hire for my project? Or What type of hire can I book?

This is a good question to ask, and you are very welcome to contact us to check whether you are ready. We can check in with your tutors to gain an understanding of your learning to-date and can then advise where you are ready to start. 

You can also hop over to our flow-chart which helps identify what stage you're at, and the best type of hire for your project. 

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Why do I need an Assisted Hire for some activities?

Certain activities in our studios are High Risk. This means, either the equipment is sensitive and able to be damaged (for example, the electric kiln, or the specialist setting equipment),  and / or it involves high heat and multiple hazards that must be managed (such as performing a metal melt or casting). 

To ensure that all the studio users are kept safe and hazards are minimized and managed appropriately, we require that a studio technician is on hand to monitor these activities and to provide that essential "second pair of eyes" (or hands).

What tools can and can't I use  in an independant Hire?

Our booking system asks you to let us know what type of work you will be doing in the studio for your session. At the most beginner level You can use the basic hand tools that are available for class - ie, saws and sawblades, bench and needle files, forming tools, hammers and punches, basic setting tools (burnishers and rockers) and sanding sticks.   

  • If you have not learned to solder then you will not be using the solder station.

  • If you have learned to solder then the solder station, solder, pickle and flux are all included. 

  • The flex shafts and drill press and tumbler may be used, if you have learned how to use them. If you have not used them often, please book an assisted hire to be refreshed in their safe and effective use. 

  • Larger drill bits are usually supplied out in the workshop area. 

Small consumables - such as small drill bits and burrs are not included as they are expensive. You can purchase these in the studio or bring your own. 

You can bring your own hand tools of course - but ensure they are clearly marked as yours, and take them away with you when done. 

You must not use any tool you are not trained in using. This is for the safety of yourself and others, and for the upkeep of our tools. They are expensive to have and maintain, and incorrect use can result in extensive damage to our tools. 

Please respect our workshop and tools and help keep them all working great!

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Roll Printing
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I have taken a Sand Casting class recently, am I ready to do an Assisted Hire?

If you are unsure, check out out our Flow Chart that helps decide where you are at.


It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to melting and pouring metal. Check in with us - you may be able to book a 1hour one-on-one at the beginning of the day, and spend the rest of the day in an Assisted Hire.  

What Additional Charges are there for Bench Hires?

Casting and melting or use of the kiln require a small additional charge.

This is to cover the use of consumables connected to these activites and tools.

  • Any Sand Casting has an additional fee of $5 to cover the use of the sand.

  • Any melting or casting session that has more than 3 melts will need an additional $5 to $10 to cover the use of the oxygen, lpg and crucibles and sand.

  • Use of specialised setting burrs - you can enquire if you are able to use these. They are only available to those who are competant in their proper use. There is an additional fee of $10 to use these burrs. You are able to purchase burrs for yourself, and keep them for your own use.   

  • Kiln Use - an additional fee of $5 to $10 for kiln use and power. 

*Please note, these charges are additional to the Assisted Hire fee.  

An example charge up might be: 

For a metal melt and pour (for processing metal) for over 3 melts.

Assisted fee - $55

$5 per extra 3 melts.

For Sand Casting session:

Assisted Fee - $55

Sand casting fee $5

No additional fee if 3 or less melts. 

For a Kiln Session: 

Assisted Fee $55

Kiln use (half day) $5

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What consumables and tools are available when doing an enamelling Bench Hire?

Enamelling tools and consumables are expensive and quite varied. 

Bench Hire covers the use of the torches, firing tripod,  bench tools, trivets, meshes and diamond sanding pads. You may also use the tweezers, spatulas, grinding stones and cleaning pads. Sifters may be used, but must be paid for if damaged. 

  • Enamels, foils, metals and glues are not supplied. You may bring your own, or purchase from us.

  • You are encouraged to purchase your own brushes, sifters and tweezers to ensure your equipment is kept tip-top as you like it. 

  • Use of the kiln requires an Assisted Hire, and a small power and kiln charge.

Need Supplies? Our Studio shops are open to the public. 
Wellington is open Friday & Saturday 10am - 4pm 
Christchurch is open Wednesday -  Saturday 10am - 4pm
All other times please email us for an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I enrol in a class?

A: You can simply click on the Enrol Now button next to the class you would like to join and follow the instructions. Any difficulties please email us at:

Q: Can I buy a Gift Voucher to give to someone?

A: Certainly, send us an email and we can arrange it. Our vouchers last for 12 months from date of issue, we can make you one for any amount and the lucky recipient can book themselves into the class of their choice.

Q: How much will my class cost?

A: Classes vary in price and the price is listed in the class info. We require a $100 (for block classes) or $50 (for short courses) deposit to confirm your enrollment. We cannot hold places for students who have not made a deposit as our classes are too small and some of them fill up quickly.

Q: Can I make something outside the brief for my level?

A: Absolutely, but we do like to start everyone off in the same way with the same practice project. Our tutors will make sure your design isn't outside your capabilities to avoid disapointment. 

Q: What if I enrol and then change my mind?

A: Just let us know and we will remove you from the list.

Q: What if I've already paid my deposit?

A: The deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to another class, again because our classes are so small. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

Q: What happens if I miss a class?

A: Our tutors are great at catching students up on anything they have missed. We will not offer an extra class or refund on missed classes.

Q: Can my child take a class?

A: Currently we've only got adult classes running, but kids over the age of 12 or so do pretty well in our jewellery classes and over 14 or so in the knife making or blacksmithing classes. Any person under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian take the class alongside them, this is part of our Worksafe Policy.


As our classes are so small we cannot hold places for pencil bookings. Once you have paid your deposit we will confirm your enrolment. This is a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit.

The balance of course fees must be paid at or before the first class.


The deposit can be made here on the website with a credit card or PayPal account, or deposited directly into our bank account which is:


Workspace Studios Ltd

38 9007 0848101 00


or by visiting us and paying by eftpos, credit card or cash


Please let us know if you intend to visit the studio.


Workspace will not make up classes if a student misses one or more for any reason.

Students must follow all health and safety guidelines and all safety instructions from the tutors at all times.


Workspace reserves the right to cancel or postpone a class if we have less than 5 students enrolled. 


By enrolling in our classes you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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